RAYMOND EXECUTIVE SEARCH provides first class executive level and board member search services to organizations in a range of activity sectors, including non-profit organizations, professional recruitment services for executives and board members.

Our services include expertise in succession planning to support our clients in distinct mandates.

We provide customized services paired with a distinctive approach in order to enhance your company’s bottom line and/or your career path.


We believe that each mandate deserves a customized intervention and approach, reflecting the unique characteristics of every client and every position.

These are the principles to consider before embarking on an executive recruitment search.

1. Choosing a candidate is a major decision, one with a major impact on the client’s corporate activities and human capital.

2. Potential candidates must be identified through active networking that is both discreet and professional. Successfully attracting and convincing candidates to move toward a career change remains a challenge and a specialty.

3. Search strategies must aim beyond the pool of immediate and obvious talents. Unrestricted contact with numerous executives and professionals in the business community is a key strategic factor in speeding up the search.

4. The recruitment advisor must be credible and must compel the respect of both candidates and clients. Knowing how to take action in the market while protecting the company’s reputation and the candidates’ confidentiality is crucial.

5. On-going communication is essential throughout the process. In return for an absolute understanding of the company’s particular need, the client must understand and be comfortable with the search strategy selected for the mandate. Establishing a protocol for communication and follow-up encourages involvement by all and guarantees improved results.

6. Support must remain steady throughout the recruitment process, up to and including the hiring phase. While the client may require support in negotiating employment conditions, there should also be occasional follow-up to support the candidate’s integration.

7. Although a candidate ideally has experience specific to the activity sector, transferable skills may be an alternative. Where necessary, a candidate from another economic sector can be considered, provided he or she has the necessary personality, leadership and management expertise.

8. It is important for the company to be an attractive option and for the candidate to be supported in his or her decision to move ahead with this new career step.

Our PROFESSIONAL MIGRATION PROCESS™ is based on these parameters and performance-based principles. The goal is to facilitate and accelerate search strategies through a professional and rigorous approach that will ensure the successful migration of exceptional candidates with the skills to deliver optimum results.


  • Anonymous interface / credible and discreet spokesperson
  • Accelerated and pre-qualified selection of the top candidates
  • Broader network , greater margin to manoeuvre, facilitated access
  • Structured approach and support process every step of the way
  • Dedicated staff specializing in human capital recruitment practices
  • Combined expertise with a partner specializing in executive search
  • Industry watch and advanced search strategies
  • Guaranteed service and effectiveness


  • Exceptional candidates are pre-qualified through the
  • Rapid operational integration of the candidate within the company
  • Understanding of the milieu and facilitated adaptation
  • Concrete contribution to value creation and enhanced organizational leadership
  • Integration support provided by RAYMOND EXECUTIVE SEARCH